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Welcome to, providing insight into stock car racing in Northern Ireland from behind the lens. We aim to feature as much as we can from Tullyroan Oval, Ballymena Raceway and as well as bits and pieces from our travels and a look back at days gone.

Added: 02 Feb 2022 Category: Brian Racing
Swapping the Camera for the Steering Wheel - Season 7 - 2021
2021 in a nutshell started off as a challenging season with a misfire and by the time I got that resolved it felt like the season had gone. I made some changes that worked, made some that didn’t and leant a bit in the whole process. I’m still making progress much slower than I’d like to be, but I’m still enjoying it, even if I’m not setting the world alight.
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Added: 14 May 2021 Category: Brian Racing
Swapping the Camera for the Steering Wheel - Season 6 - 2020
Reflecting on 2020 it was more what Netflix might refer to as a “limited series” rather than a “season” but when we did get racing it came as a welcome distraction from the world around.
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Added: 26 Feb 2020 Category: Brian Racing
Swapping the Camera for the Steering Wheel - Season 5 - 2019
Quite a lengthy recap on how 2019 turned out behind the wheel of the Superstox, the highs, lows and farcical ways it went wrong from time to time.
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Added: 19 Feb 2020 Category: Older Oval Racing
My Top Moments of the 2010s
I thought I’d pick out and Share my personal racing highlights from the last 10 years from the view of having blogged, photo’d, raced, filmed and heavens knows what other smaller jobs I’ve forgotten.
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Added: 11 Feb 2020 Category: Older Oval Racing
Some of the Biggest Moments of the 2010s
A look back in brief of some of the biggest biggest or game changing moments in local oval racing during the 2010s. Obviously the loss of Ballymena is huge, but I'm going to stick with the positives or things the jury is still out on.
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Added: 30 Dec 2019 Category: Older Oval Racing
Classes Introduced to NI in the 2010s
As we come to the end of the decade I thought it was worth having a look back at how the classes in the local sport have grown throughout the 2010s.
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Added: 12 Mar 2019 Category: Past Oval Racing
Farewell Ballymena Raceway - By Colin Adair
It's not very often I've the chance to publish anyone else's work these days, but I'm pleased Colin Adair has asked me to publish this piece on the Raceway.
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Added: 26 Feb 2019 Category: Older Oval Racing
Ballymena Memories
Monday 25th of February will go down as a dark day in local oval racing as Ballymena Raceway announced it would no longer be staging racing at the showgrounds.

We’ll all have some great memories from the track and I thought I’d share some of mine and hopefully bring a smile to a reader or two.

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Added: 19 Feb 2019 Category: 2019 Oval Racing
Motorsport with Attitude 2019
Move over NEC there is a new show in town!
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Added: 07 Feb 2019 Category: 2019 Oval Racing
10 Things I'm Looking Forward to in 2019
As the calendar starts to fill up with fixtures I though it was time I put up my annual post of things I'm looking forward to in 2019
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