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2012 - #41 - Tullyroan Oval - 6/10/12
The first of 3 straight Saturday nights at Tullyroan to see out the local 2012 season, before the “out of season” meetings which aren’t as “out of season” as they once were.
I got down early to film some NIOvalTV stuff with Shane Murray for the 2 Litre’s and wondered around the pits for a bit chatting, it often amazes me how many people I know at the racing, but stuck out on infields and up scaffolding it’s rare I speak to anymore than half a dozen people at a nights racing. Maybe I should arrive early more often, although simply arriving on time has been a break through since last season.
The Juniors kicked off the evening and Jordan Robinson had what could be described as a very mature drive to take the opening win of the night, fending off pressure late on from Shane McMillan, which I thought was quite impressive for a young lad with only a handful of meetings under his belt. Jamie McCurdy took the second heat before Stuart Cochrane edged out Bradley McKinstry in the closing laps of the final to take the Murrays of Randalstown Young Guns series final.
The Stock Rods were in town and seen the first outing of Chris Gordon with the gold roof, although try as I did, I struggled to capture the colour under the lights. Chris was kind enough to bring the trophy with him, so I got a few shots in the pits before the racing started. Before the opening stock rod heat, Starter Ryan Wright brought the “East Coast” feel to the meeting by doing a parade lap with Chris and the trophy. Now we just need to get Ryan mic’ed up and we can get interviews on the parade lap and that’ll be another step closer to feeling like a mainland meeting.
Racing wise, Stephen McNiece continued where he left off at Ballymena, taking the opening heat win and the final with Marc Morrell the winner in the other heat.
In the 2 Litres there was a heat and final double for Adam Best while the honours in heat two went to Bradley Dynes.
The Lightning Rod Irish Championship was the big race on the cards and seen David Hearst and Jordan Rochford break from the pack early on. Rochford looked quicker, but being quicker and getting passed at Tullyroan are two different things. Rochford got into the lead mid race and looked comfortable enough at the front for the remainder of the race. Hearst came home second, Aaron Stewart was third on track only to join the ever increasing list of cars that have failed scrutineering this season promoting Ben McKee to third, who looked like he’d a problem on the inside front wheel which seemed to be wobbling about as it pleased in the closing laps.
The revenge race started with a depleted field of cars, which was depleted further when Gary Beggs and Paul McConnell collided on the entrance to the back straight collecting another four or five cars, most of which looked very second hand as they went off the track. Francis Rafferty eventually took the flag, with only a handful of cars finishing.

Now with added Gold

East Coast Style!

Speedweekend signs finally turn up

Championship time

Visiting Tipperary Stock Rod

2 Litre Action

Lightning Rod Irish aftermath

Lightning Rod Revenge Race

depleated grid

Air cooled Lightning Rod

Stock Rod Gird

Marc Morrell on the infield

2 Litre Final Action
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