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Added: 06 Nov 2012 Category: 2012 Oval Racing
2012 - #44 – Cowdenbeath – 3/11/12
Initially I had hoped to make the Superbowl at Cowdie for my next trip, but couldn’t decide between it and Tipperary and was trying to balance in a family function as well, on this rare occasion the family function won and I didn’t go to either meeting.

Spurred on by the potential of a few of our cars racing in the ProStocks and a few quid off on the boat, I decided to combine the final meeting of the season at Cowdie along with the final meeting at Lochgelly and a day of Christmas shopping on the way home, to make a weekend out of it.

Cowdie had quite a considerable crowd and a real family atmosphere around the place as they ran a recent promotion on “groupon” which I believe got a couple in for £18, possibly kids went free, I’m not sure, but quite a considerable saving on what seemed to me quite overpriced £15 per person gate price for what on paper was a very ordinary meeting, maybe even sub standard with no F2’s and only a token geasture of saloons racing. However even though the deal only made Cowdie competitive with Lochgelly or NI gate prices, the place was much busier than I would have expect it would have been without the deal.
To their credit they had a few funfair rides in the pits and a decent firework display at the end of the meeting and I hope it might encourage some of those who took advantage of the deal to come back.

On the downsides, with big crowds come unseen problems, I ended up driving around the town trying to get parked, missed the start of the first race and at 6.05 the queue to get in for the groupon deal was all the way from the turnstiles to the first row of cars about level with the pit gate. The queue for food was equally unimpressive, I stood for 25 minutes in the queue for the burger only to find out they’d run out of burgers.

On the whole, I’m sure having too many people at a meeting is a problem no promotion will complain about, and it’s good to see so many families at the racing, so hat’s off to Cowdie for giving it a go, I think more promotions should do it, although an £18 price point for a couple I believe is £2 more than you’d expect to pay into Ballymena for a normal meeting, so the same deal might not work for everyone.

On the track, Ryan Wright was in action in the Saloons, taking a 4th in heat one and a 4th in the final after pulling off during a stoppage in heat 2.
In the ProStocks Thomas Agnew and Ryan Abernethy were in action with Agnew not going far in heat one and Abernethy getting caught up with a spinning car and ending up hitting a stationary car and bringing about the end of heat one for him. He didn’t fair much better in heat two, ending up in a pile up early on. The second heat featured one of the most bizarre things I’ve seen in oval racing, when oil went down in the pit bend and all but one car ended up in the pile up that followed, the race was then declared with only 2 or 3 laps run.

Here are just a few pics from the pits and the wromg side of the fence, like old times.

Its just a big dodgem really

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