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Added: 18 Mar 2013 Category: 2013 Oval Racing
2013 - #4 - Tullyroan Oval - 17/3/13
Day 2 of the Tony Gilmore memorial meeting and FORDS care weekend. Firstly, I’m not a fan of these disjointed Speedweekends, I like Speedweekends to flow, qualifying for something on the 1st night, big finals on the Sunday, followed by an anti climax and general mopping about. I’m not a fan of completely different classes the next day. I think it gives people an either/ or choice rather than them wanting to go both days to see the whole thing.

The meeting started with a race for leftover 2 Litre bangers from the Saturday night, four cars made it onto the track, so that was a chance to have a cup of coffee.

In the Lightning Rods there was two heat wins for Francie Allen before Winston Wier won the final which included a big shunt from Darren Bevan who mounted the wall on the home straight and left quite a lot of debris including a wheel on the track.

The ProStocks were the class of the day with 22 cars on track for the opening heat, which passed off fairly incident free. In a nascar type style though when a pile up did come in heat two it was a big one, with several cars picking up heavy damage on the back straight. In the final Dean Flemming took the honours in what I believe is his first meeting in the class, although he scraped for the lead like a seasoned pro!

The Unlimited National Bangers themselves had a slightly disappointing turnout of about thirteen cars, it’s to be expected I guess with meetings coming thick and fast, and I can’t see it is going to suddenly get better when the other promotions start running National Bangers too.

Keith McMahon took the feature race in which Steven Reynolds narrowly missed out on victory by not crossing the line after the flag was shown in an incident packed race which no one really knew who was leading. I thought it was a bit harsh since as race leader he should have been the one given the flag first.
Bobo took the Allcomers and the DD after being taken out by a car already disqualified from the race, which seemed a bit harsh on Stevo McGrath, who was also running at the time, but had been on the grass for some time earlier in the event (generally spinning the wheels and trying to get back of it).

In the Rookie bangers the field depleted as the two days progressed, but there was still some pretty good action and a few big shunts. Stephen Clarke ended up the final winner.

So that is the “out of season” action out of the way, now it’s time for the season proper, roll on Easter!

Approx Car Turnout: 64 Cars - 4 2L National Bangers, 14 Lightning Rods, 13 Unlimited National Bangers, 22 ProStocks, 11 Rookie Bangers

Light Contact?

ProStock Action

National Banger Action
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