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Added: 19 Aug 2013 Category: 2013 Oval Racing
2013 - #37 – Tullyroan Oval – 17/8/13
To be honest I’m really starting to feel that I have done the amount of meetings I have done this season, I’ve felt that “burn out” is setting in for most of the week and it’s becoming a bit of a strain. I know there is plenty of folk who will have done more meetings than I have, I know there is some who put a lot more time and effort into it than I do, and I know where I may spend between 3-8 hours after every meeting working on bits and pieces for websites, magazines and so on, there are an army of drivers and mechanics up and down the country spending night after night in the shed or their garage getting their cars ready. I don’t claim that I do more than any of these people, but I am getting to the stage that I question if I do a lot of things now out of habit, or for genuine interest.
If anything the difficulties at Ballymena on Friday night probably recharged my interest levels, had the meeting gone ahead problem free, I’d have taken hundreds of photos, spent hours editing them and another Saturday would have passed and I’d have continued asking the question of why it is I bother. But with a few hours of chatting to people while overlooking a pit full of cars unable to race and a football pitch of folk sharing the same frustrations that the racing had been brought to a stop and later cancelled, it changed my perspective that I started to realise I was going to miss spending my Saturday sorting out photos and writing reports and so on, and perhaps I take an evening of pan-click-click-click-review a bit too much for granted.
That new lease of hunger for what I do, took me off to Tullyroan full of enthusiasm, right up until 10 minutes to start time when the heavens opened, and my thoughts became that all the people around me where now quite comfortable in their cars, and I 2 weeks after ruining a camera in the wet am about to stand here and get soaked and possibly ruin another one at an expense of many more hundreds, and that really set the tone for me for the rest of the night.
I don’t know if it is a sign of my enthusiasm for the sport at the minute, or how the rest of the season has gone, but it says something when there is about 28 ProStocks out and all you can thank is that they look well down in numbers.
On the positives, the rain soon eased and it started to brighten up, the meeting finished nice and early and Match of the Day is back on the tele on a Saturday night for my "after racing" viewing.
On track Kyle Beattie won the Superstox final, Stefan McClelland won the final of the ProStock GH Tyres series, Derek McMillan won the Stock Rods final, Adrian McKinstry won the Micro Bangers and Richard Stewart won the Lightning Rods Tullyroan Challenge Cup.
Approx Car Turnout: 77 cars (10 Stock Rods, 21 Lightning Rods, 7 Superstox, 11 National Bangers, 28 ProStocks)

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