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Added: 30 Sep 2013 Category: 2013 Oval Racing
2013 - #46 - Tullyroan Oval - 29/9/13
After a few weekends of doing two meetings, finally a weekend where I only felt the need to go to one, and a welcome relief it was. As the end of the season approaches this meeting I figured was probably the last one I’ll see this season which takes place entirely in daylight.

Not surprisingly some of the classes were a wee bit down on numbers, but it was still a good race meeting and some of the races you’d became that engrossed in the battles you wouldn’t have noticed there was anything else on the track anyway.

The ProStocks opened the meeting with Tam Agnew going round on rails to take heat one, Alister Robinson took the win in heat two when it was stopped with a lap to go, and after some scrutineering issues, Stefan McClelland took the final win.

In the Juniors there was an opening heat win for Bradley McKinstry before English visitor Joe Parson took the win in heat two after Graham Fegan and Bradley McKinstry came together on the last bend also collecting Shane McMillan. Edmund Davis then took the win in the final after Jamie McCurdy who had crossed the line first was docked two places.

The 2 Litres seemed to suffer more than most for car numbers, with just fourteen cars on track, but they more than made up for it with the quality of the racing. Stuart Cochrane took the opening heat win after Wayne Woolsey was docked two places, Gareth Thompson took heat two and Adam Heatrick won the final.

The Ninja Karts had a stop, start afternoon, which seemed to be much more stop than start. They are much easier to watch on DVD when the 3 minutes of racing doesn’t include the 5 minutes of lining them up for each stoppage after some of them have obeyed the flags and some of them keep racing until they eventually hit something that has stopped, and none of them have held any sort of race order.
Matthew Nicholl won the opening heat, Shea Fegan took heat two which felt like an endurance race and Niall Cregan won the final, which featured a huge shunt for Matthew Nicholl when he went over the wheels of the already spun Jack Hazelett karts and into the wall roof first, it looked a bad one and I’m glad to hear since that he is OK.

Kieran McIvor won his third Nutshaker title with Steven Bolton making it a Team Buckle one - two. “Odd Job” from the Bears won the all comers and then DD.

As the season draws to a close, I’m already looking ahead to what I do with NIF2 for next season. Looking at the likes, and the visitor stats, it would suggest it’s probably time to pull the plug. I accept it’s fairly misrepresentative at the minute to put “F2” in a site which barely covers any F2 racing these days, so rebranding for next season would seem a logical step, although pulling the plug altogether would lighten my increasing work load for next season. If you think it should remain in some form or another, hit the like button at the bottom, if you’ve any other suggestions, stick them on NIF2’s facebook page.

Approx Car Turnout: 81 cars (18 National Bangers, 19 ProStocks, 20 Ninja Karts, 10 Junior Productions, 14 2.0 Hot Rods)

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