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Added: 13 Oct 2013 Category: 2013 Oval Racing
2013 - #49 – Tullyroan Oval – 12/10/13
Second meeting of the weekend and a meeting closer to the goal of doing 50 meetings. It’s now in the countdown stage to the end of the season, and the second weekend in a row of an Irish Championship double header, this week it was the turn of the Ninja Karts to be the class holding it’s first Irish Championship and as it turns out, they were supported by the 2 Litre Hot Rods.

The meeting kicked off with the Junior Productions where Graham Fegan took and opening heat win, Bradley McKinstry took heat two before Jamie McCurdy took the final with McKinstry in hot pursuit. In addition to the Tullyroan cars there was two visiting Nissan Micra’s from Tipperary, who raced door to door for quite a bit of the three races and as the races went on started picking off the locals and moving through the field, for the closeness in which the pair raced, I don’t think they traded paint all evening and were good to watch.

The Superstox followed the Juniors, and seemed a bit like musical chairs with different drivers out in different cars, Jack Gilpin made his debut in the ex Rab Stewart car, Darren Bevan was out in the team Grattan Randall and I’m assuming David Elliot was the driver out in the 973 car. Gary Grattan had car problems throughout the evening while it was Denver Grattan who took all three race wins, chased hard by Kyle Beattie, who enjoyed spells in the lead as the pair diced for victory.

A week on from their Irish Championship the Lightning Rods still put out a good number of cars and Tim Hazlett set about following Denver Grattan’s lead and winning all three races.

Of the Irish championships it was the Ninja Karts that were up first. Adam McFall led the early stages from pole until Matthew Nicholl got through into the lead, McFall was then judged Nicholl out and was black flagged (I’d my back to it), which left Cregan to go on and take the win and become the first Irish champion in the class. Adam McFall then took the honours in the support race.

Of the championship line up for the weekend, the 2 Litre Hot rods looked like the main event, the only class capable of fielding 30 cars if they all show up, it therefore came as somewhat of a shock when only fourteen cars show up for their Irish Championship, I stood for a long time assuming there was a hold up in the pits and the other half would be out soon. What the race lacked in cars it made up for in action in the opening laps as Adam Best got through to the lead while Murray and Hylands attempted to go around the outside, it always looked like a battle which had to give sooner or later and it ended with Murray spun and Hylands through up the inside of Best, where he went on to take the win with Stephen Emerson second and Gary Wilson moved up to third after Best was docked two places for contact on Philip Beatty.
The 2 Litre support race seen a win for Shane Murray and a debut for former F2 racer Jack Boal in an ex Wayne Woolsey Corsa.

Approx Car Turnout: 72 cars (15 2.0 Hot Rods, 11 Superstox, 18 Ninja Karts, 12 Junior Productions, 16 Lightning Rods)

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