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Added: 05 Nov 2013 Category: 2013 Oval Racing
2013 - #52 - Tullyroan Oval - 2/11/13
The final night of the domestic season, and what a season it has been. Throughout the day it looked as though it could turn into a really miserable night, but thankfully the rain cleared up and we got away fairly dry after the first set of heats, probably just as well because I was experiencing a n umbrella malfunction after the wind turned it inside out, some bits broke off and other bits became broken after I jumped up and down on it.

The pits looked very empty when I arrived, but there was respectable numbers of cars in each class, a few missing, but given the weather throughout Saturday along with it being the end of the season, it isn’t all that surprising.
It was the first Gala night at Tullyroan and with fireworks, fancy dress, champions trophy presentations and the likes, the place was buzzing.
The ProStocks kicked off the evening with a few big hits in turn one starting the meeting with a bang. Conor McElmeel won the opener which was almost a photo finish between himself and Graeme Kingham, Kingham made up for it by taking the heat two win before Jason Kee won the final.
The Ninja Karts made their first appearance since their Irish Championship and there was a new livery for the Irish Champion Niall Creegan, with the kart now in team Buckle colours, signed by Gary Jackson and complete with a mini half barrell on the roof.
It was fitting that the top three in the points championship took a race each with Adam McFall winning the opener, Niall Creegan took heat two and Matthew Nicholl won the final, fending off the close attention of Creegan in the closing laps.
The 2 Litres were probably the class most down on numbers with thirteen cars in action. Stephen Emerson took the opening heat win, Mervyn Emerson took heat two and went on to take the final having been pushed out of the lead late on bringing out the red and chequered.
The was a good squad of National Bangers for their Irish Championship, which was won by Steven Reynolds. Reynolds was followed round for most of the race by Stevo McGrath, who waited right to the last lap to mount a challenge on the lead, taking both cars to the wall in turns one and two, Reynolds held onto his lead and the coming together had given Steven Bolton the chance to mount a hit on Reynolds in the last bend, but Reynolds held on.
Bolton went on to win the all comes, while Reynolds and Anto Finnegan were joint winners of the DD.
So there you have it, we’ve a few out of season meetings to see out 2013, but that brings the season proper to a close, and Tullyroan Oval’s first full season. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ll probably miss the racing in the coming months, but be equally glad to have my feet up for a while, especially as it gets cold and miserable outside.
Roll on 2014.

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