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Added: 09 Mar 2014 Category: 2014 Oval Racing
NIF2 - 2014.... The Plan
Refreshed with a week of lying by a pool and gradually progressing from pasty white to a quite nasty looking dark red, Iíve had some head space to think through what way Iíll approach 2014.
Throughout 2013 I found it a bit of a push to do the 101 things that I try to do, the actually racing I enjoy, the photography I enjoy, the travelling is draining but you wonít arrive at a track by magic, but itís the writing reports, sorting and uploading photos to website after website after the racing which is becoming the biggest drain and it was probably getting to the stage where I was avoiding some meetings at Ballymena that Iíd liked to have gone to, simply because I didnít want to lose another day of my week sorting photos and writing reports etc. I find that fundamentally flawed, a hobby or pastime should be something enjoyable, when it gets to the point it becomes a strain to want to do it then there is something seriously wrong with it. Additionally in 2013 I was trying to play indoor football on a Friday night before heading to the racing, so I missed the opening races, and that too made racing on a Friday night a bit of a chore.
So for 2014 Iíve had a bit of a think and decided what needs to go, Iíd considered scraping NIF2, the domain doesnít really fit the content, the site isnít the hub of local oval racing it once was, the facebook page has less likes than any other local oval racing page and I donít think to tweet stuff as often as I should. When I think about it though itís almost an extension of my identity these days, and I still enjoying penning the odd blog piece when I get time.
Here therefore is the plan, rather than sitting down and writing report after report after every meeting, I will instead aim to write once piece for the site a week during racing season, so one piece may cover 3 meetings in a weekend instead of writing 3 pieces and instead of missing a meeting because I donít really want to be sat at home writing reports the next day. This I hope will continue to keep me motivated throughout the season, and I hope if I get out of the habit of just writing meeting reports then Iíll be able to get better and more interesting content written.
If off course I still feel that Iím missing meetings because I donít want to be bothered writing them up, then it may well just be the time to pull the plug.

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