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Added: 03 Apr 2014 Category: 2014 Oval Racing
Social Media - Who to Follow in 2014
Many years ago I read about the predictions for what was then branded as ďweb 2.0Ē, and read about how in the future weíd all be viewing user generated content online rather than what had been written by traditional webmasters and bloggers. At the time I spent most of my web browsing time viewing stockcar racing forums, mainly the various NI Racing ones and Ftooz, so the idea of user generated content wasnít something new to me. At one point Iíd built 2 sites that could have blogged the racing activities of MOR Racing and M&M Racing, but I donít think either of them seen the light of day, as neither was just as user friendly as it needed to be.

Several years on from that, what was then deemed as the future is now very much the present and sites like facebook, twitter, google+, blogger and Instagram make it possible to almost everyone to contribute something to the internet.

With such a vast range of formulas, interests and personalities on social networks these days, itís virtually impossible for me to recommend something for everyoneís taste, but Iíll let you know who I am following in 2014 and if you know of a page Iíve missed that you think is fantastic, stick it on the preview post on the NIF2 facebook page and share it with everyone else. Itís probably a good time to mention that by follow, I mean businesses, drivers and people who have pages, not people's personal facebook pages, and I don't think I even need to mention you should be following your favorite classes and the promotions

Chris Hamill Design
If you exclude the heavy contact classes, youíll struggle to find a race in the country that doesnít have some cars in it that have been signwritten by Chris Hamill, itís worth keeping an eye on his page to see new freshly signwritten cars.
Search Facebook for: Chris Hamill Design

Ciara Mcquillan Motorsport Photography
Taking photos from the outside of the fence isn't an easy task and it's something that anyone could do, but few actually do. I started off poking a camera through a fence and I've ever admiration for anyone else who does it and then uploads their photos to share and it all helps spread the word of our wee sport. Ciara Mcquillan's page features a mix of her own stuff and reworks of other people's and is kept well up to date throughout the season.
Search Facebook for: Ciara Mcquillan Motorsport Photography

Ed Fahey Photos
Ed Fahey started off taking photos of oval racing before moving on to the big circuits, traveling the world following sports car racing. Ed has returned to his roots on the ovals and will likely be a regular photographer around the tracks in 2014.
Search Facebook for: Ed Fahey Photos

Glenn Bell 2012 National Hotrod World Champion
One of the problems with social networking is that there is simply too many pages and it's hard to keep on top of them, I only found this one last week when I seen someone else like a Photo. The Facebook page of Glenn Bell, contains pics and a few snippets of info.
Search Facebook for: Glenn Bell 2012 National Hotrod World Champion

North West based photographer Ken Reay has been a more frequent visitor to the local infields in 2013, doing some great work with the Nicholls (Matthew and Leigh) and John Christie, including his calendar. He work is top notch, and he is certainly worth following.
Search Facebook for: krphotoimaging

NI Motorsport
A relatively new facebook page with plenty of pics, reposts and wee snippets about the racing in Northern Ireland. Itís refreshing to see something different online which isnít coming directly from the promotions or photographers.
Search Facebook for: NI Motorsport

This almost seems a bit like putting on a sponsored link, but if you want to keep up to date with the latest highlights clips from Tullyroan and Aghadowey Oval, then you should be following NIOvalTV, if not on facebook, then certainly by subscribing to it on YouTube. Within 2 years NIOvalTV has achieved over 100,000 views, quite some going for our wee sport in our wee country.
Search Facebook for: NI OvalTV
Search YouTube for: NI Oval TV

Pete Shaw Race Pix
Pete Shaw became famed last year as somewhat of a saloon specialist, and taking from the outside of the fence he caught some fantastic images last year. I think Pete is back behind the wheel of a saloon in 2014, but hopefully when he isnít heíll be behind the lens again.
Search Facebook for: Pete Shaw Race Pix

Team Buckle Racing
The Team Buckle page features updates on where and when the guys are racing and how they got on. Itís also one of the few Facebook pages Iíve seen with a ďfactsĒ page on it which makes for interesting reading.
Search Facebook for: Team Buckle Racing

Team Hylands
Runner up in the 2013 2.0 Hot Rod World Championship, Adam Hylands has to be amongst the favorites to take the title when it comes to Tullyroan this year.
Last year the car had facebook and twitter logos up the side of it, but I've only been able to find them on facebook.
Search facebook for: Team Hylands

The chances are that if you are reading this you probably arrived here after seeing a link on social media, and I don't need to tell you the work I do to keep up to date on that. Just on the off chance you didn't know,
Search facebook for: NIF2
Search Twitter for: NIF2com
Search Instagram for: brian_nif2

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