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Added: 17 Apr 2014 Category: 2014 Oval Racing
Lots of Racing This Easter
I spend a fair bit of my blog writing time looking back on what has happened, so for a bit of a change I thought Iíd write something looking forward instead.

So, itís Easter weekend, the traditional start to the season, a traditional feast of motorsport with the local Oval Racing season kicking off, The Circuit of Ireland Rally and if Iím not mistaken the local short circuit bike racing season normally kicks off too.

Itís a bit different this season, Easter is quite late, the local oval racing season has already begun and we know what most of the shiny new cars look like. There is however still a few new highlights, the re-introduction of National formula to Aghadowey I expect will be a highlight to many and the Thunder Rods have their first outing, which will hopefully bring some new shiny cars out.

In order of events, Good Friday no doubt will start off for many with a traditional look across the water to see what is happening in the Nationals at Northampton and whatever is going on around the country in the other classes (I also think Tommy McCrory Jnr is racing a Saloon at Northampton, so something else to keep an eye on).

After an afternoon of result checking, itís onwards to Ballymena for the traditional Good Friday meeting, the National Hot Rods once again top the bill and at the time of writing there is 16 cars on the latest booking list, Iíd be surprised if they arenít the highlight of the night. As well as the Nationals, a personal highlight (I hope) will be seeing the F2ís for the first time this season, the meeting is shown as a World Series meeting for the F2ís, and Iím not entirely sure what that means, but I hope it brings plenty of cars. The supporting cast includes the Junior Rods, Gp2 Lightning Rods and Speed Stocks.

Saturday night sees the Stock Rods take centre stage as they compete for their Irish Open Championship at Tullyroan. The Easter weekend normally attracts a host of visiting drivers and this year is no different with World Champion Chris Lattka topping the entry list.
The 1300 Stock Cars make their Tullyroan debut on Saturday night. To this date itís not a class Iíve ever had any real interest in, hopefully Iíll warm to them in the season ahead.
The 2L National Bangers race for their spring Classic, while the ProStocks and 2 Litre Hot Rods Complete the Line Up

On Easter Monday the local oval racing circus moves to Aghadowey for the opening meeting of the track in itís new layout. While the Stock Rods Irish Masters tops the bill, itís the Superstox and the National Hot Rods Iíll be most looking forward to. Easter Monday used to be one of the few times a year I would see the Superstox, so itíll be nice to make that connection again. The Nationals are sure to put on some good racing throughout the afternoon too, and a new track layout is always a bit of a venture into the unknown for the drivers and may throw up a few surprises. The Thunder and Lightning Rods make up the programme (I knew Iíd get that in at some point, I didnít think it would have been so soon).

So there you have it, the Nationals and open wheelers start and finish the weekend, the Stock Rods continue their Easter traditions, even if the tracks have changed, while mk3 and mk4 Astras fill out much of the remainder of the weekend.

Ballymena Raceway Ė Friday 18th Ė 7.15pm
GP2 Lightning-Rods . Junior-Rods . BriSCA F2 Stock-Cars . Speed Stocks & National Hot-Rods

Tullyroan Oval Ė Saturday 19th Ė 6pm
Stock Rods 2013 Irish Open Championship, 2L National Bangers Spring Classic, 2.0 Hot Rods, ProStocks & 1300 Stock Cars

Aghadowey Oval Ė Monday 21st Ė 2pm
Stock Rods 2014 Irish Masters, National Hot Rods World Series NI Round 10, Lightning Rods, Superstox & 1600 Thunder Rods

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