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Added: 03 Apr 2011 Category: 2011 Oval Racing
New to NI for 2011 - Slick Cars
Much has been spoken about the slick car class, before one of them has put a wheel on the track over here.
The class, which is already running at Spedeworth and Incarace venues in the UK, seems to provide a test opportunity for National Hot Rod drivers, something a bit different for Open Hot Rods and Outlaw Hot Rod drivers, a new lease of life for super rod type cars, something a bit different for silhouettes, eurocars or various other retired circuit cars.
It is hard to gage what it will mean to us, we donít have many of sources of cars that the mainland do, we do have National Hot Rods, and a number of cars sitting around the country which perhaps arenít up to current national spec. There may also be some old Sunday Series cars sitting in sheds across the country that this could bring on to the oval arenas.
Open your mind a bit further and think outside the bubble of our current oval racing classes, if the brief of a slick car is ďany (non re-enforced) saloon type car, with slick tyresĒ then the possibilities open up a little further, Hillclimb cars, saloon cars, maybe even some forms of grass track cars could all become eligible. If the class takes off we could start to see purpose built specials being made for the class, motorbike engine powered monsters? Turbo and supercharged machinery? 4WD monsters? Or simply technology which has been banned from National Hot Rods for being too expensive.
Even if the classes ends up only made up of a mix of our current classes, but with slick tyres, then at least youíll get to see how they match up against each other, and with a handicap system, you never know what could win.
The greatest positive I can think of is that this should give us a new class, without splitting any current classes, it isnít Superstox, which could split F2, it isnít another budget class which would split ProStocks and Group 2ís, it is a class which can exist without pulling drivers away from other classes.
One question remains thoughÖ.. what are they called when it rains? Cut Slick Cars, Intermediate Cars, ďIíve no Wets put it on the trailerĒ Cars?

Thanks to Clive Marchant for some of the photos used in this article.

Some of the cars raced at Ipswich

Could we see Circuit cars on the Ovals?

Not Unlike a Hot Rod?

Visit Clive's Gridart Site Here

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