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Added: 27 Mar 2015 Category: 2014 Oval Racing
Richardson Lands Irish Title
Joel Richardson completed the rise from white roof to Champion within a season by claiming the 2 Litre Hot Rod Irish Championship at Tullyroan Oval on Saturday night, but the race wasn’t without controversy…..

The night began a 10 minute delay in the start and one of “those” Ninja kart that seemed to have more stoppages than green flag laps, it felt like it was going to be one of those nights. The 2 Litre Irish was the big race of the night with Adam Hylands and Shane Murray sharing the front row and Joel Richardson and Philip Betty on row two, from the drop of the flag the front three settled into position, Hylands pulled away from Murray who in turn was keeping a comfortable gap over Richardson, it was all to change when the leader encountered Davy Potter, I think I’m getting this in the correct order, but on the initial attempt of Hylands to get past Potter drove him wide, then he looked down the inside and Potter drove him to the grass, the lead three where now scraping for the lead and trying to pass Potter, this time Hylands went to the outside and Potter drove him to the wall, Murray got caught up with them and it was Richardson who squeezed through and into the lead, with Stephen Emerson moving into second and Mark Madill third, Murray fourth and Hylands down to fifth. Hylands soon took Murray for fourth and was going for third in the closing stages, but didn’t make the place. Joel Richardson took a well deserved win and his first title in 2 Litre Hot Rods.
It’s fair to say the mid race drama wasn’t quite the model of good sportsmanship, but it provides controversy and controversy gets people talking. I don’t condone Potter’s actions, but anything that gets people talking is good for the sport. How many times in the future are passes involving Hylands and Potter going to become a focal point on the track? Let’s take the Stock Rod Irish as an example, dull as dishwater for want of a better term, no one was talking about it by the time the parade lap was over, this 2 litre Irish will be talked about for years. I hear people talk about Irish championships at Shamrock park when this person did that person and someone waited on someone else, scores being settled, was this not just normal service resuming?
In a nutshell, Hylands was surely robbed of a second Irish championship, Davy Potter drove his hot rod like a stock car as we’ve seen lots of times in the past and to be fair he has livened up many a dull race, he adds an element of unpredictability to any given race and at the end of the day Joel Richardson drove his race flawlessly and took a deserved win.
Petie Donnelly won the revenge race, something went on between Madill and Hylands, but I was in the NIOvalTV superstore serving customers…… because my wife had to get away early and there was 4 races to run at that point.
There was a few new faces and a new car in the Superstox and the opening heat include a 360 degree spin for McAllister who just kept her lit and drove on, I’ve not seen such a perfect pirouette in the long time. Billy Finnegan took the honours in the final, roll on their Irish Championship on Friday night!
Stuart Agnew returned with the gold roof from the ProStock world in Lochgelly last weekend and was going “rightly” in the ProStock. It was however European champion dean Fleming that took the win in their series with Agnew second and Conor McElmeel third.
Colin McNeice won the Stock Rod final after two heat wins from Stock Rod debutant Shane McMillan.
Cole McFall won both heats in the Ninja Karts before Sam McNeice took the win in the final.

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