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Added: 20 Oct 2014 Category: 2014 Oval Racing
Irish success for Nicholl at Tullyroan
Matthew Nicholl became the latest Irish Champion by winning the Ninja Karts title at Tullyroan Oval on Sunday.

In quite contrasting conditions to Friday nightís meeting at Aghadowey, the Sunday afternoon meeting at Tullyroan took place mostly in bright sunshine and quite nice light for taking photos, something there wasnít a lot of in the summer, let alone something youíd expect in mid October. A shower ahead of the meeting dampened the conditions for the opening heats and may have played itís part in the Ninja Karts Championship too. With the Juniors, Lightning Rods and 2.0 Hot Rods on track ahead of the Karts, the track was a drying track with a few wet lines, but nearly every kart on the grid was out on wets and it looked like an inspired choice of slicks from Callum Magillís camp may have given him an edge over those around him.
Matthew Nicholl got an early lead with polesitter McFall relegated to second and under pressure from Sam McNeice. A mid race pile up on the back straight took McNeice out of the race and bunched the pack for the restart. Nicholl once again got off up the road and went on to take the win with McFall second and Magill third. Itís been somewhat of a strange season for Irish Championships this year with not a single pole sitter taking the win despite some favoured runners starting from pole.
Cole McFall went on to take the heat win in the revenge race.

Both the 2 Litres and the Lightning Rods also put on some excellent racing throughout the afternoon. Shane Murray was the eventual winner of the 2 Litre final which featured some great scraping for the lead and David Hearst held a tight line at the front of the Lightning Rod final to take and win while most of the rest of the field was backed up behind him jostling for position. On getting out of the car Hearst was complimentary towards his fellow drivers that even though his car had been missing heíd not once felt a touch on the back of the car, that in itself I felt is a great tribute not just to those around him, but to Davy as well for the acknowledgement of it.

It's become normal of late that after a banger meeting I moan a bit that each one seems worse than the one before, but this one followed the Hearse and Limo meeting, so it was unlikely it would be that bad. The grid was mainly made up of Team Buckle, Krash Krew and Stevo McGrath, mostly in recycled cars. It wasnít a classic, but had a few big hits and had itís moments. Keiran MvIvor won the Nutshaker, the All Comers and the Stephen Bannon Memorial DD.

The Juniors continue to look a bit depleted as the class of 2014 move onto other things. Graham Fegan took a hat-trick of wins in one of his last appearances in the class before he too moves up into senior formulas.

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