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Added: 22 Sep 2015 Category: 2015 Oval Racing
Superstox World Final - NIís Biggest Meeting this Century!
I know what youíre thinking, itís a grand title and a big big claim to make that itís the biggest meeting of the century, so letís take a minute to think about it, what has been staged this century that is bigger? ÖÖ done thinking yet? Here are some stats to help, NHR WorldÖ. never staged here and probably even if every car on the grid was from NI it still wouldnít be staged here, 2 Litre Worldís are two a penny, Stock Rodís I wouldnít be surprised if NI stages two World Finals for them next year (bonkers!), Lightning Rods have had a few worlds but donít have a 54 year history with the prestige and heritage of the Superstox. BriSCA F2 World I wouldnít imagine will ever be anywhere but the mainland and youíve to go back to the early 90s for the Saloon World coming to NI. So there you have it, the Superstox World Final this weekend will be the biggest meeting this country has staged this century.

One a very wet Friday night at Aghadowey last October just ahead of the staging of the Superstox Irish Championship, Darren Black came onto the track and announced over the PA that DMC race promotions would be staging the 2015 Superstox World Championship, I was standing only a few feet away taking grid shots and only just made out what had been announced. I came off the infield to photo the race from our filming stand and mentioned it to Jonny and he said heíd heard nothing over the PA, such were the conditions on the night, for a while I thought Iíd misheard it, but it was announced again, and Iíve been looking forward to it every since. On Saturday 26th of September Aghadowey Oval plays host to the Superstox World final for only the second time the event has been staged in the province.

Open wheeled and contact racing fans in Northern Ireland have been a bit deprived of home major championships in recent years, since the turn of the millennium the 2.0 Hot Rod World final has been staged here five times (I think), the Lightning Rod World twice, The Stock Rod World four times (again, I think), there has been numerous Europeans and British championships for those classes too, but if you follow things with bumpers of opened wheels then you have to go back to 93 for a Saloon Stock Car World final, if you follow open wheeled racing then youíve to go back to 1995 when Bert Finniken won the F2 British at Nutts Corner since a major championship has been staged here. Before the F2 British in 95 the previous big meetings were the 93 European at Nutts Corner and the 92 Superstox World Final was held between Shamrock Park and Ballymena.

There is much debate and banter around the Superstox and F2s regarding the merits of each class, but the fact is this, since the Superstox last merged into the F2s at the start of 1998 we havenít had a major championship staged here for F2ís (World/British/European), almost as though when the classes merged it was taken for granted that all open wheelers would be F2ís. The Superstox are now in their third season since their return and already the World final will be staged here this season and if youíre an open wheeled fan, a contact fan or a racing fan at all Iím sure itíll be a spectacle you donít want to miss.

Superstox and F2s were nearly on a fairly even keel by the middle of last season, which is some going for the Superstox in their infancy against a class that has been established since the 80s. This season there has been a bit of a shift in the balance and the F2s have gained a few cars and the Superstox have lost a few, but Iíve seen good races and poor races in both and decent turnouts and poor turnouts in both. I know there is plenty of people dismiss the idea of Superstox being as good as F2, they wonít be interested because they arenít F2ís, but you never know what tomorrow will bring, F2ís are have taken a big hit from Superstox in NI and in Scotland while in England they face new opposition from Outlaw F2ís, we could see a day when F2ís arenít the big appeal anymore and Superstox are the big class in NI, if we donít stage another World Final for them in 20 years who knows what the lay of the land will be in open wheel racing.

I grew up watching ďStock CarsĒ and F2 in particular, Iíd have been 11 years old the last time the Superstox World was staged here, if I was at it, I donít remember it. Jordan Robinson and probably more drivers on the grid this year werenít even born the last time it was here and probably werenít born the last time weíd an open wheeled major championship.

When you talk to people around the racing these days you get a lot of ďdo you remember the nightÖÖĒ stories and there isnít too many of them refer to modern times, letís get behind this World Final and make it a night to remember with an electric atmosphere and one of those meetings that people talk about for years to come, letís show what this country can stage the big events then even if youíre F2 to the bone it demonstrates a World in NI is do-able, but most importantly letís have an NI winner! #9XX for Gold!

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