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Added: 26 Oct 2015 Category: 2015 Oval Racing
Grattan 1-2 in Superstox Irish
Having already secured the Northern Ireland points title in the Superstox, Denver Grattan added the Irish Championship title on Sunday at Tullyroan, leading home his brother Gary with Jack Gilpin completing the top three.

Aside from the Superstox most of the meeting had an end of season feel about it, one of those meetings and with a lot of people away to Tipperary on Saturday or the Superbowl at Cowdenbeath it was felt very like an end of season meeting. Iíd spent Saturday night following goings on from other tracks where Richard Stewart won the lightning rods at Tipperary leading home Winston Weir and Gary Beggs (I think), Shane Murphy led home Glenn Bell and Shane Murray in the Nationals giving a weird top 3 in terms of race numbers of 970, 9, 70. I think Joel Richardson won the 2 Litres, Jonny Cardwell was runner up in the Stock Rod European, Anthony McIvor got a second in the Superbowl and the F1 Shoot Out is now about as tight a battle as youíll see for a points race going into the last round, so much so I spent Sunday morning looking at flights and boat options for Sheffield next week, reaching the conclusion the boats donít really suit and the flights are too expensive, so periscope it is!

Denver and Gary Grattan shared the front row for the Superstox Irish and despite finishing first and second they didnít drive off into the distance as the result might suggest. A rough first bend took several cars out of the running including Gregg Hyndman, Ryan McClure and Jeff Minish, while Lee and Neil Davison clashed a few laps later taking Lee out of the race. Jack Gilpin hit the front early on and led for a few laps before Denver Grattan regained the lead. A sub plot to the race was starting up as Kyle Beattie and Jordan Robinson clashed for fourth or fifth with Beattie first spinning Robinson, Robinson then rejoined and spun Beattie before Beattie then rejoined and spun Robinson, in the mix of that battle Gregg Hyndmanís car had caught fire which brought out the yellows. The race restarted with Denver Grattan leading Gilpin and Gary Grattan in third. Denver made the best of starting at the front and led the closing laps unchallenged while Gary Grattan and Jack Gilpin clashed with Grattan taking second and Gilpin now scraping for third with McMenemy. Denver took the win, Gary second and Gilpin third. Notably Kyle Beattie was the first man over to congratulate the top three, it would be great to see him back in the class on a regular basis again. Neil Davison took a lights to flag win in the revenge race which sadly didnít include Beattie or Robinson and continued the trend of revenge races featuring no actual revenge.

With Richard Stewart and Jordan Rochford separated by only a few points going into the meeting there seemed quite a bit of gamesmanship in the Lightning Rods. Rochford drove a great race to take the opening heat where it looked like he was finding his way through traffic much easier than Stewart, shall we say. Heat two went to Mark Corry while Rochford again finished ahead of Stewart which left the points equal going into the final. Having won a race Rochford started off the back of the grade in the final and Stewart off the outside front of the grade. In a reverse of the opening races Rochford seemed to have more difficulty getting through the field. Nigel Jackson took the win with Richard Stewart second and Rochford further down the order which gave Stewart the race win. On the whole the gamesmanship seemed to even itself up over the day, which I think is probably the best thing for the sport and it was good to see it wasnít won or lost on anyone being spun out at least.

In the Juniors Graham Meek won the final and Chris Knipe took the points which could have gone any one of three ways in the last race, which wasnít bad given there was only four cars in it.

Mark McLaughlin won all three in the Thunder Rods where Brian McMullan secured the points title in the opening race, they too were well down on numbers.

Wayne Woolsey won the 2 Litre final where Adam Heatrick had secured the points title in the opening heat.
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