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Added: 29 Dec 2015 Category: 2015 Oval Racing
10 Things I'm Looking Forward to in 2015 - Revisited
Back at the start of the season I had a list of the 10 things I was most looking forward to in the 2015 season, this is a look back at how those things panned out.

#1 - The Superstox World Final
September seen the second staging of the Superstox World final in the province. Oddly rather than boost the numbers in the class the numbers fell away and there was drivers who could have raced in the world who opted not to, which I donít quite understand, but each to their own. The World final itself turned out to be a cracking race and went down to the last lap with Chris Bradbury taking the win. Here is now hoping the numbers increase on the back of the World final.

#2 - The F1 World Final
The second time Iíve been to the F1 World and this time at one of my favorite tracks in Kings Lynn. Rob Speak won the race which was marred by a long stoppage to cut Dylan Williams-Maynard out of his car in what was to become one of those nights. The race of the weekend was possibly the F2 consolation on the Friday night which was won from the back of a 40+ field by Wim Peeters. Cracking weekend as ever.

#3 - NHR British Weekend
Accompanied by the Superstox in 2014 the NHR British weekend had been one of the highlights of the year, but 2015 was quite contrasting. The British took place on Saturday night and a rough night of racing took itís toll on car numbers into the later races on Saturday and it was a very depleted field for Sunday. Dave Casey won the British. It didnít feel Speedweekend like in anyway.

#4 - Drivers Changing Classes
Drivers who changed classes had mixed fortunes, at opposite ends of the scale Adam Hylands won the NHR European and Ben McKee had a huge crash on Good Friday which sidelined him for most of the season. Of the Juniors who stepped up Bradley McKinstry made it to red grade in F2 and Jordan Robinson impressed in the Superstox. I think most of the Ninja Kart racers who stepped up to the Junior classes took a win at some point as well.

#5 - F2 Irish Weekend
I had planned to make it to the Friday night and the Sunday of the F2 Irish weekend, but I missed the Friday night to other commitments and only made the Sunday. The F2ís were in fine form and the Heritage F2ís added something different to the mix.

#6 - NIOvalTV Series 2015
In previous seasons the NIOvalTV series had seen a rise in numbers for each meeting, but aside from the World and the Irish the Superstox seemed a bit flat throughout 2015 and the NIOvalTV series didnít seem to coax anymore cars out than a normal meeting, which raises real questions as to whether itís a worthwhile investment for NIOvalTV to sponsor going forward. The tyres we put up were spread out which is always nice to see and it was Denver Grattan who won the series.

7 - NHR European/ Superstox British Weekend
The 2014 NHR weekend at HRP had been a bit roundy roundy for my liking but with the addition of the Superstox British it was much more more my taste in 2015. Adam Hylands won the NHR European and Steven Jackson won the Superstox British.

#8 - Shamwreck
The biggest banger meeting in the country every year and once again it hasnít yet disappointed. The best tin, the best attendances and the best atmosphere for the big bangers. always a cracking meeting, 2015 was no different.

#9 - The 1300ís being re-united
Iíd much hope for the 1300s being reunited and it did raise the numbers a bit and there was certainly stand out moments such as their meeting on the Saturday night of the Summer Speedweekend, but for normal meetings they didnít seem to be fulfilling their potential. They were certainly better together, but perhaps not as good as Iíd expected theyíd be.

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