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Added: 03 Feb 2016 Category: 2016 Oval Racing
NIF2 - The Plans for 2016
Itís that time of the year again that I sit down and reflect on how I feel NIF2 went last season and give some consideration to what I think Iíll do in the season ahead. The usual form is that I sit down and say, yeah that seems to have worked, a few people mentioned things to me, so people must be reading it and it seemed to get some likes and shares, so Iíll just do the same again. but this year is going to be different.

For me 2015 was a bit of an up and down season, the summer meetings were more something to be endured than enjoyed down to the weather, which caused me to question on many occasions why I stand out in the rain like a drowned rat and continue to do the things I do. NIOvalTV had the sort of season that backed the ďwhy are we doing this?Ē line of questioning. Meanwhile on the other side of the coin Iíd probably more positive feedback for my NIF2 stuff than Iíd had for years.

The biggest change for me came away from stockcar racing though with taking up Autograss. It was always going to be hard to balance racing anything and doing up to 12-16 hours a week on the computer to keep on top of racing stuff, plus going to the racing, at times in the season itís tough enough keeping up with the odd series on TV let alone find the time needed to run a racecar. Thankfully though with a combination of the grass car being quite well behaved and the patience of Gary Grattan and Jonny Teggart it didnít turn into too huge a burden. I still found the new challenge calling me and enjoyed being stuck into trying to figure out how the whole thing was put together and worked much more than I was enjoying sitting on front of a screen and trying to write a report that didnít simply say ďkept up to date with results in England during 3 classes, the other two were OKĒ.

The original plan for NIF2 was to give F2 racing a platform in NI where no one else had, to be a promotional tool for the class, that grew into being a promotional tool for the sport, then went bang a bit and has now become a ghost of what happens at DMC largely with the very odd report from anywhere else. It was never supposed to become a thorn in the sportís side running it every week because in my view I felt a meeting was pants, or I donít feel itís right that a quarter of a million quidís worth of racecar is outranked on the headlines by some caravans falling apart, Iíve fallen into the trap before and I feel if I continue writing meeting reports Iím going to do it again. I simply canít slate everything with my NIF2 hat on and then simply put my NIOvalTV hat on and expect anything but a frosty reception, and Iíve been finding it quite hard to write meeting reports without coming back to the principle that the sport needs less classes, less meetings and the promotions to work together.

So in a nutshell finding the time to write reports is an issue, writing positive reports week in week out is an issue and NIOvalTV needs a big season in 2016 more than NIF2 does.

So the plan for NIF2 is this, Iíll get away from writing meeting reports week in week out, Iíll maybe do the odd one for big meetings, or if something of particular interest happens. Instead of meeting reports Iíll do the odd blog piece from time to time that is relevant to the sport, look backs toÖ looking forward toÖ. and that sort of thing, instead of sticking meeting photos on NIF2ís facebook page theyíll likely go on NIOvalTVís page instead, it needs the ďLikesĒ more.

Hopefully the changes will serve to both keep my interests up and fill NIF2 with items that the promoters sites canít do, time will tell if it works.

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