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Added: 12 Apr 2016 Category: Older Oval Racing
Something a Bit Different
Down the years there has been a trend in most classes, someone does something different or comes out in a different car and if it works then everyone has one the following season, if it doesn't or something else works better then it doesn't last long.
Down the years there has been a number of cars that haven't conformed to what has been the norm for the era, some have worked, some didn't. Here are a look back at some from the NIF2 era

Mark Graham raced this Mk2 Escort as a Junior Production around 2013 in a class of Novas and Corsas, I don't think it won much but certainly looked more spectacular.

Brian Edgar raced this Vectra in the Gp 2 Lightning Rods from around 2011/12, they didn't really catch on in the class.

This Anglia made it's debut in the Junior Productions on May Day 2015 at Aghadowey.

Downbar F2's are quite uncommon in F2 tar racing, this was Gary Grattan's effort around 2008, it can now be found in their yard with grass growing through it.

Another non conforming F2 was this Forsythe chassis, I think first raced by Colin Hammil, then had another owner who raced it once or twice as 977 before Paddy McAtamney campaigned it through the mid naughties. Lyle Watson I think was the last person to have raced it.

There hasn't been a lot of Astra Estates in the ProStox, George Esler raced this one in mid 2009. Fionn Donnelly has raced one more recently.

Also in 2009, in fact photo'd at the same meeting as the above, Nigel McCauley raced this Micra 2.0 Hot Rod.

Another 2.0 Hot Rod that was something a bit different was this Metro of Sean Donnelly's

Thomas Dilly brought this stunning C2 to the province back in 2008. It was raced by Dilly himself, Petie Donnelly and Denver Grattan and never really had performance to match it's looks.

Back in the early days of NIF2 a young John Christie was cutting his teeth in the Production cars, a class made up mainly of sierras at the time this Chevette ran away with the points in 2001!

There was a bit of a phase for Focus Hot Rods, but only a few made it into the 2 Litres, this was David Hearst's, circa 2003/04

2.0 Hot Rods have come up quite a bit here, this Ka was raced by Francis Allen back in 2003

Another from the "Good ole days" of Nutts Corner, this was Leanne Nesbitt racing a Renault 5 in the Economy Bangers.

Having moved on from an Astra that dominated the Production cars for a while Clive Wilson's appeared with this Vauxhall Calibra around the end of 2004/ start of 05

There was one or two Audi TT Hot Rods in the pre-Tigra era, Scobie Wilson raced this one here a few times around 2008.

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