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Added: 25 Apr 2017 Category: 2017 Oval Racing
English Domination at Shamwreck….. Again
Shamwreck has been one of my season highlights now from 2006 when it was first staged at Nuttscorner Oval and I did my first meeting on the infield as a Nuttscorner Oval photographer, although I watched the bangers from the outside. It was also the day I learnt that my new hard contact lenses and the dust and dirt that is kicked up at banger meeting don’t mix. It’s a meeting that always ends up on my “Things I’m looking forward to list” and it’s a meeting I always try and get a wee report done on for NIF2, even if it only serves as a point of reference for other write ups down the line. So in keeping with that theme…...

While the years have passed and there has been local winners, there is still a feel that Shamwreck is a meeting that will be dominated by the English visitors and 2017 will go down as another year they swept all on front of them.
Jack Foster and Pete Winter won the heats before Foster went on to take the Shamwreck title and the All Comers race before Chris Speirs took the win in the Destruction Derby. As Shamwreck goes the 20th Anniversary was business as usual with overseas winners, well presented cars, rare cars, huge hits and big wrecks and pile ups, it was everything we’ve come to expect from the Big Bangers big meeting and once again lived up to the billing of Ireland’s biggest banger bash. On a side note to the Bangers, I'd like to wish Brandon Osborne a speedy recovery after the big hit he took in the Destruction Derby.

Aside from the Bangers the ProStocks had some excellent racing with Greg McMullan taking the final win. Despite being a bit down on numbers the 1300s had an excellent final with Adrian McKinstry taking a comfortable enough win while the rest of the field were engrossed in a hard hitting battle for second. While on the subject of the 1300’s a special thanks to Anthony McIvor for putting on the car and, it’s much appreciatted.

In the other classes white graded English visitor Archie Joe Speirs came very close to taking the final win in the Ninja Karts only to lose the lead in the closing stages to eventual winner Daniel Stewart. In the Robins John Stewart took the win.

Best Presented went to Jonny Murdock

Best Car went to Stephen Ryan

Bobo's Limo

The rare occasion the action is on front of us, on this occasion too close for the lens I had on

Mike Flaherty's car after the DD

Jonny Murdock Bear Hunting

ProStock Action

Archie Joe Speirs almost won the Ninja Kart Final

ProStock Final Action

Thanks to Anthony for the NIF2 plug on the car

1300 Final Action

DD Action
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