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A Lookback at the Robins
It has been announced that the Boxing day meeting at Aghadowey will be the last for the Reliant Robins at DMC Race Promotions. So what better time to have a quick look back at them.
The Reliant Robins arrived in Northern Ireland in May 2004 with a weekend of racing put on for them and a field made up of visiting and local drivers, including drivers such as Andrew Murray, Mark McKinstry and Rab Stewart.
Their first weekend of racing was a success and seen as something of a novelty with the little three wheelers flipping over and it brought something not seen before to the local ovals.
In the years that followed Davy McCall acquired a number of Robins and drivers like Glenn Bell, Gary and Denver Grattan, Steven Bolton, Ryan Wright appeared in the class for a time.
In the early seasons Rab Stewart dominated in his “Mr Blobby” car with Ian Bolton and Billy McClean also taking championships during the Nuttscorner Oval years.
In 2008 The Robins took on a regular spot in a BBC NI documentary “PetrolHeads” and now Radio presenter Carolyn Stewart got behind the wheel of one.
In recent seasons the numbers have dropped and one of the last meetings they reached double figures was when the class was “on loan” to the previous promotion at Aghadowey in 2011, a one off meeting in the middle of November from what I can recall and it was one of the best meetings the class has had, bringing a return to the tumble and rolling over that made the class exciting and unpredictable.
The Robins have also given us some real heart in mouth moments, Lisa Bevan had a huge roll at Tullyroan back in 2013 (I think) While one of the most viewed NIOvalTV clips we’ve ever uploaded is that Anthony McIvor attempting a last bend hit on JayJay McConaghie and missing at Nuttscorner Oval, careering into the upright post on the pit gate and coming to a sickening stop on it.
Here is hoping the class gets a good send of as their final Irish Champion gets crowned on Boxing Day.

Their first weekend at Nuttscorner Oval

Ian Bolton and Ryan Wright clash at a Speedweekend

John Stewart Rolls at Aghadowey

"On Loan" to Aghadowey in 2011

Anthony McIvor's wreck at Shamwreck 2012

Ian Bolton celebrates winning the Irish Championship at Tullyroan with a Victory Roll

Ian Bolton Celebrates an Irish Championship at Nuttscorner Oval

One of the nicer Robins from down the years

Glenn Bell raced a Robin in the early years of the class here

Rab Stewart and the first of the Mr Blobby Cars
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