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Added: 07 Aug 2011 Category: 2011 Oval Racing
2011 - #25 - Ballymena Raceway 5/8/2011
I said at the start of the season when I rebuild the site I wouldn't do long winded reports and I'm make it more about my experience at the racing, I drifted away from that theme to long winded reports, so lets get back to basics....
I know I don't really look the shape of someone that does much exercise, but I do play indoor football with some of my work colleagues on a Friday night, hence I arrive at Ballymena in football trainers, it’s not for the benefit of the hallowed turf that the current Irish league leaders (on goal difference, after one game) call their home ground. This chasing a ball around and constantly hoofing shots past the posts does mean that unless I drive flat out, which would be irresponsible it is pretty much impossible for me to be at Ballymena for the opening race. I do however sit bang on the speed limit for as much of the journey as I can. On Friday night I first of all got held up behind a bike rider, on a big bike they didn’t look comfortable on in the bends and went that slow I thought they were going to fall off, in the straights where I may have over take it just left me. Having eventually overcome/ overtaken this obstacle, I got to Ballynure to get stuck behind a cue of traffic headed by some tool on a tractor who decided to hold traffic up the whole way to the Doagh roundabout, for those who don’t know the road there is a hard shoulder for most of the length of it, why he couldn’t have pulled in and continued his journey at the same speed is beyond me. I went to Doagh, mr blue tractor didn’t. The final insult of an increasingly frustrating journey was an R driver out in what I can only assume was “Daddy’s” BMW X5, this prat slowed off round every bend which got on my nerves, once a clear bit of road presented itself I was off, and said prat thought that was some sort of invitation for a drag race, of which I backed out of and then got stuck behind them when they couldn’t pass slower traffic up ahead.

So eventually, I arrived at Ballymena eventually, got a burger and headed onto the infield, without any additional flash because I couldn’t find it in the house before I left, it really was one of those nights.

Racing wise, it was good to see a decent turnout of F2’s at Ballymena, and some good racing. Hopefully we can have more of the same for the rest of the season. On track Gary Grattan took the Norman Cromie Memorial trophy.

In the Stock Rods Bobbie Johnston took the honours in the final, although I think if there was a few more laps Chris Gordon may well have had it.

The Gp 2 Lightning Rod final went Graham Young after Adrian Hillis was first across the line and then docked. Frankie Lynn took all three races in the Slick cars, while Jamie McCurdy took a popular victory in the juniors.

Loan behold I spent half the journey home stuck behind someone with their rear fog light on… GRR!

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