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Added: 29 Aug 2011 Category: 2011 Oval Racing
2011 - #30 - Ballymena Raceway - 27/8/2011
The second day of Ballymena Raceway’s Speedweekend, featuring 5 formula and 5 championships in various shapes and formats, headlined by the Stock Rod British Championship Final.
This was my 30th meeting of the year and with the work that I’ve put in this season it is all starting to feel like a bit of a chore to me to be honest.

Despite the early start, for only the second time this season I arrived at Ballymena early enough to see the opening F2 heat. Gary Blair continued where he left off at the last meeting taking the opening win, from a respectable turn out of cars with numbers in the mid teens and cars in every grade.
Gavin Fegan took the only star grade win of the night in the second heat, before a rare white grade win in the final for Kris Fitzpatrick.

Next up the Gp 2’s for their second night of racing of the weekend, and good to see their numbers still in the high twenties. Denver Logan took the opening heat with James Goldie taking heat two. Lyle Murray led the final from lights to flag to take the Champion of Champions title, and his second final victory of the weekend.

Although the saloons weren’t great I was a bit disappointed they only got two races. The six car opening heat was won by Anthony McIvor. Their next race became their final, where they managed a seventh car, McIvor led up until the last lap when Andrew Stewart got passed and into the lead, McIvor went into attack mode in the last bend putting Stewart wide and looked to have secured the win, but the car died allowing Stewart to drive around the outside and take the win.

Thomas Dilly and John Christie split the heats in the Slick cars before Paul Nevin won the final.

The first race for the Stock Rods on the Saturday night was their 4th qualifying heat, which seen a win for Victor McAfee.

For the British Championship Stephen McCready had qualified on pole with Raymond Harper outside front row. The flag was dropped for the final earlier than any of the previous races and Raymond Harper looked the only one to see it, Harper got the jump and was several car lengths ahead when the cars crossed the line, a lead in which he just continued to build on throughout the race. McCready took second with Micky McFall third, further down the field there was a spectacular roll for Matthew Moore.

The Stock Rods third and final race of the evening was for the International Cup in which Graham Nelson took the win.

Stock Rod British Grid

Another Angle of the British Grid

Harper out in front

Action from Stock Rod Heat 4

Group 2 Action

B J Edgar departs heat 2

Saloon Final last lap

Slick Cars line up to go off

Chris Foster in the Slick Cars

Stephen Nevin in the Slick Cars

F2 Heat 1 Action

More from Heat 1

... and more

Stars line up for the final

Kris Fitzpatrick took the final
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