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Added: 30 Aug 2011 Category: 2011 Oval Racing
2011 - #31 – Nuttscorner Oval – 28/8/2011
The second meeting for me of the weekend, the third for many others and the third for the Stock Rods who raced for their Irish Masters title, giving the visiting drivers an extra fixture. Also on the race card, the 2 Litre Hot Rods, ProStocks, Juniors and 1400 Bangers.

The meeting started with the ProStocks and I managed to miss the start of the first race because I was wandering about the pits talking. I’m not sure what happened, but I arrived at the fence just in time to see Finnegan’s car being towed away in a rather sorry looking state. The opening heat went to Thomas Agnew, while John Brady came out on top of a great last lap scrap with Agnew and Ryan Abernethy before Abernethy took the final.

The Junior Productions had one of their better turn outs of the season as their Irish Championship draws closer. Stuart Cochrane took the opening heat in the Juniors, with Jordan Rochford winning heat two and taking the final win right on the line from Fionn Donnelly, with Derek McMillan right amongst the battle in the closing stages taking third.

In the Stock Rods all ten visiting drivers who had raced at Ballymena the previous night raced again at Nuttscorner, a credit to them, but a bit of a disappointment that only six local cars also competed, making it an almost disappointing turn out for Stock Rods. It’s a bit of a tough one to call, three meetings in three days is tough going for anyone, but without the third day of racing maybe we wouldn’t have done so well with visiting numbers in the first place.

On the track it was Harper again who dominated, taking the opening heat after Bobbie Johnston had led the opening stages. Gary Butler took heat two. Harper qualified pole for the final with Scottish visitor Kerr Paterson alongside. Paterson attempted to go around the outside of Harper in the opening laps, with no success, Harper pulled away and took the win, while Paterson slipped down the order at Stephen McCready moved through to take second and Davy Philp Jnr took third.

Although they don’t seem to show a powerful amount of urgency in coming out, the 2 Litre’s are still getting good numbers, and 23 cars took to the grid for heat one. Andy Cochrane led most of the race and looked to have it in the bag until he pulled out with what looked like suspension damage as the lap boards came out, this handed the lead and the win to Mark Madhill, Mervyn Crawford took second with Sean Dynes third.

Heat two seen a popular win for Vince Campbell who led the race from lights to flag and was kept honest by Lee McCracken throughout, Feargal McNally took third after Wayne McClure had occupied the spot for most of the race before pulling out late on.

Lee McCracken built on his earlier heat second, to take the win in the final, which included a mid race stoppage after Adam Heatrick was spun by Wayne Woolsey and became stranded on the kerb on the inside of turn 3. Woolsey was black flagged for his part in the incident. From the restart McCracken broke away while the rest of the field negotiated passing Davy Potter who lay in second at the time. Cochrane eventfully took second with Crawford third.

The 1400 Bangers had a rather disappointing turn out, in which Stevie Reynolds took the title race and the heat without ever really needing to get involved in anything, while the rest of the field seem intent on taking out the team buckle cars, at one stage in heat two it looked like Jonny Murdock Versus the rest of the field.

3 Wide Action in the Stock Rods

Stock Rod Final Grid

Winner - Raymond Harper

3rd Davy Philip Jnr

4th Kerr Paterson

3 Wide Action in the Juniors

Banger Action

More Banger Action

and more

Mervyn Crawford back out in the 2 Litres

Heat 2 win for Vince Campbell

Heatrick and Woolsey in the final

Andy Cochrane and Garry Campbell

Gary Wilson

ProStock Action
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