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Welcome to, providing insight into stock car racing in Northern Ireland from behind the lens. We aim to feature as much as we can from Tullyroan Oval, Ballymena Raceway and as well as bits and pieces from our travels and a look back at days gone.

Added: 25 Apr 2017 Category: 2017 Oval Racing
English Domination at Shamwreck….. Again
Shamwreck has been one of my season highlights now from 2006 when it was first staged at Nuttscorner Oval and I did my first meeting on the infield as a Nuttscorner Oval photographer, although I watched the bangers from the outside. It was also the day I learnt that my new hard contact lenses and the dust and dirt that is kicked up at banger meeting don’t mix. It’s a meeting that always ends up on my “Things I’m looking forward to list” and it’s a meeting I always try and get a wee report done on for NIF2, even if it only serves as a point of reference for other write ups down the line. So in keeping with that theme…...
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Added: 22 Apr 2017 Category: Older Oval Racing
Shamwreck 2006-16 - My Favorite Cars
As Shamwreck celebrates it's 20th Anniversary here is a look at my my favorite cars that have taken part during the DMC staging years of 2006-2016 (in no particular order).
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Added: 20 Mar 2017 Category: 2017 Oval Racing
10 Things I'm Looking Forward to in 2017
It's approaching that time of the year, practice days have commenced, the rest of the world has started their race season and the local scene is on the count down to Easter.
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Added: 07 Mar 2017 Category: 2017 Oval Racing
F1s at Wimbledon
Making the trip to Wimbledon has been on my bucket list for a number of years now, but the Superstox Best in Britain and a few years ago the Superstox World Final always looked the pick of the meetings I’d have wanted to attend, and for one reason or another I just hadn’t made the trip. Wimbledon’s winter season makes it hard to fit in around other meetings and a Sunday night meeting means a Monday off work, it’s all quite a big commitment when you look at a meeting and think you’re only interested on one or two of the formula on the race card.
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Added: 21 Feb 2017 Category: Older Oval Racing
And the Year Was..... 2012
I consider 2012 to have been a modern golden era of local oval racing, a time when many classes where getting car numbers in the 20’s, the promotions worked together and you got to see better racing everywhere and Tullyroan opened which spread the footprint of the sport and brought it back to the doorstep of Portadown where the sport had a good following.
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Added: 15 Feb 2017 Category: Older Oval Racing
2012 - When it Went Wrong - pt 2
A look back at some thrills and spills from the 2012 season
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Added: 07 Feb 2017 Category: Older Oval Racing
2012 - When it went wrong - pt 1
A look back at some of the less fortuitous moments of the 2012 season
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Added: 24 Jan 2017 Category: Past Oval Racing
And The Year Was..... 2011
A look back at the local oval racing season of 2011, when NIF2 changed from a photo site to a blog site. The 2.0 Hot Rod World was staged at the final full season of Nuttscorner Oval, which also seen the longest run of wet meetings I can remember as every meeting there seemed to be wet from around the July Speedweekend on. Aghadowey was independent track but running the odd class hosted from the ORCi promotions, which included the introduction of Slick Cars and Nutts Corner Raceway did a deal with Spedeworth.
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Added: 10 Jan 2017 Category: Brian Racing
Swapping the Camera for the Steering Wheel - Season 2
After and enjoyable first season in Autograss in 2015, 2016 was my first full year in Autograss, a full year and a full season may sound like the same thing, but the difference is what happens away from the track. The car went to Gary Grattan to get a bit of work done to it, new arms were fabricated for it, paint touched up, another set of alloys arrived and were painted up and there was a painstaking weekend of peeling off the old vinyl graphics before it went to LJN for some fresh new ones. All in there was a lot of hours put into the car before it had even turned a wheel in anger in 2016, this was my first pre-season prep, without the constant need to be working at stockcar stuff on the computer and will plenty of time to do the work on the buggy it’s probably fair to say I was enjoying it and quite proud of how the car turned out.
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Added: 04 Dec 2016 Category: 2016 Oval Racing
Things I'm Looking forward to in 2016 - Revistied
Between Stockcar fixtures and Autograss fixtures as well as running a grass car, or at least driving it back and forward to Gary Grattan’s between fixtures, I had decided at the start of the year I’d cut back on writing meeting reports to save myself some work on normal fixtures, the problem being it’s the bigger meetings that I was going to continue to write about that bring me the most work and it all quickly resulted in me writing pretty much nothing from around June, bar the odd piece for the DMC programmes.

So belatedly here is a look back on the things I had highlighted at the start of the season as meetings I was looking forward to.

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