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Added: 04 Dec 2018 Category: Brian Racing
Swapping the Camera for the Steering Wheel - Season 4 - pt2
The second part of the look back on my 2018 season, probably the more turbulent end of the season.
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Added: 28 Nov 2018 Category: Brian Racing
Swapping the Camera for the Steering Wheel - Season 4 - pt1
The first part of a look back at my 2018 season, mixing a wee bit of Autograss with my first full season in a Superstox
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Added: 16 Jan 2018 Category: Brian Racing
Sponsors Wanted
I was in two minds to set up a separate page for my racing for this season in an attempt to try and attract sponsors and to give them the best coverage I could in return, I've reached the point I'm fed up with pass it on messages from people I don't even know and sick of seeing "tag a mate called [insert name]" all over my timeline, again when they are people I wouldn't know from Adam. Facebook then decided that a new algorithm would put more focus on what your friends post over what businesses and pages post (fkn awesome, more posts of tag a mate and less about the pages you've followed because you're interested in their content, and if you have a page, then it's thanks very much for your content and adding value to our social network, you can now pay us if you'd like more people to see your content now) so that was a nail in the coffin of starting out a fledgling page. It's a long time since NIF2 was an F2 page or an F2 site and in recent years I've documented my racing exploits in Autograss on it, so it doesn't seem a huge jump to continue adding updates for my own racing on it, which is what I will do.
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Added: 23 Nov 2017 Category: Brian Racing
Swapping the Camera for the Steering Wheel - Season 3 (pt 2)
The second part of a look back over my 2017 racing season
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Added: 12 Nov 2017 Category: Brian Racing
Swapping the Camera for the Steering Wheel - Season 3 (pt 1)
A look back at my 2017 season, I wrote a lot of this as I went along rather than trying to remember it all at the end of the season, so it's a bit long winded and I thought it best to split it, so part one deal with the Autograss end of things
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Added: 10 Jan 2017 Category: Brian Racing
Swapping the Camera for the Steering Wheel - Season 2
After and enjoyable first season in Autograss in 2015, 2016 was my first full year in Autograss, a full year and a full season may sound like the same thing, but the difference is what happens away from the track. The car went to Gary Grattan to get a bit of work done to it, new arms were fabricated for it, paint touched up, another set of alloys arrived and were painted up and there was a painstaking weekend of peeling off the old vinyl graphics before it went to LJN for some fresh new ones. All in there was a lot of hours put into the car before it had even turned a wheel in anger in 2016, this was my first pre-season prep, without the constant need to be working at stockcar stuff on the computer and will plenty of time to do the work on the buggy it’s probably fair to say I was enjoying it and quite proud of how the car turned out.
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Added: 07 Dec 2015 Category: Brian Racing
Swapping The Camera For the Steering Wheel - pt 2
Earlier in the year I posted a blog on how Id wound up in autograss and how it was panning out up to that stage, which at that point it had been a bumpy start with car issues but we were starting to make some headway, although being competitive still looked a long way off.
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Added: 19 Jun 2015 Category: Brian Racing
Swapping the Camera for the Steering Wheel
Despite the fact Ive been going to just about every and any form of Motorsport since I was no age at all, up until the middle of last year Id never been to an Autograss event. Regarded by many as motorsports best kept secret when I look back it was something that Id only heard about when the results appeared in the paper or when it was the bigger meetings it always seemed to clash with something else.
Id seen the demos at the NEC and at the big motorsport event up at Eglinton a few years back and always came away with the intentions to go to a meeting.

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