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Added: 12 Mar 2019 Category: Past Oval Racing
Farewell Ballymena Raceway - By Colin Adair
It's not very often I've the chance to publish anyone else's work these days, but I'm pleased Colin Adair has asked me to publish this piece on the Raceway.
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Added: 24 Jan 2017 Category: Past Oval Racing
And The Year Was..... 2011
A look back at the local oval racing season of 2011, when NIF2 changed from a photo site to a blog site. The 2.0 Hot Rod World was staged at the final full season of Nuttscorner Oval, which also seen the longest run of wet meetings I can remember as every meeting there seemed to be wet from around the July Speedweekend on. Aghadowey was independent track but running the odd class hosted from the ORCi promotions, which included the introduction of Slick Cars and Nutts Corner Raceway did a deal with Spedeworth.
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Added: 21 Mar 2016 Category: Past Oval Racing
And the Year Was..... 2010
It may not have seemed like it at the time but 2010 was actually the start of a few years that I believe were a mini modern golden era with the promotions starting to work together and some exchanges of classes in what was an attempt to shut out newly re-opened Aghadowey.
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Added: 09 May 2014 Category: Past Oval Racing
The Bears at Shamwreck
I know there will be those quick to jump on the anti-bear and anti DMC wagon when I post this, and I know that Shamwreck isn’t a team event and it’s wrong to hype up Teams and it’s not all about one team blah, blah, blah, but whether you like it or not when you mention Shamwreck to anyone around the sport the first question is “are the Bears coming?” and last year the most frequent question was “Why are the Bears not here?” Love them or hate them, their presence at a string of Shamwrecks makes them almost part of the fabric of the event.
So with that in mind, here are a few of my favourite Bears photos from the past Shamwrecks.

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Added: 08 May 2014 Category: Past Oval Racing
My Favourite National Bangers
Over the winter I pulled together pieces on my favourite F2’s and my favourite Rods, at the same time I started pulling together my favourite National Bangers but never got the piece finished. I know there is some great stuff racing on the mainland week in week out, but here are my favourite bangers I’ve photos of racing in NI.
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Added: 19 Dec 2012 Category: Past Oval Racing
Festive Meetings
As we come ever closer to the festive period, I thought I’d write a quick piece to reflect on the Christmas meetings and what I make of them.
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