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Added: 16 Jun 2013 Category: Anything Else
Ballymena Carfest - 8/6/13
The Carfest show in Ballymena, along with the Ultimate Car show in Larne are two car shows that I try to get to each year, sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn't. This year I was supporting the Oval racers taking part in a football 7's tournament in Randalstown and I just about squeezed a quick run around the show in before heading on to get down to Tullyroan.
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Added: 21 May 2013 Category: Anything Else
Friends of Ferguson Heritage @ York Farming Museum
Second stop of the whirlwind tour of Yorkshire on Saturday morning was a trip to the York Farm Museum for a Friends of Ferguson Heritage day. Again, there wasn’t a lot of tractors by the amount I’m used to seeing at runs locally, but there was a few I’d never seen before including a vineyard Massey Ferguson 35 or 835 the owner informed me is it’s correct model number, a 140 and a super 90, all things I’d never seen before. I think I’m becoming quite the tractor spotter..... it’s starting to scare me!
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Added: 21 May 2013 Category: Anything Else
Pickering Country Fair & UK Tractor Show
100’s of tractors was on the website I read, 10’s maybe slightly closer, at least at 11 o’clock on the Saturday morning. Maybe it picked up over the weekend, maybe there was a run later in the day and people didn’t arrive until it, I don’t know, but having driven over an hour round trip to see 100’s of tractors I was quite disappointed by all there was there, at the time I was there.
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Added: 03 May 2013 Category: Anything Else
Photo Edits from Lochgelly
When I get a few minutes I always enjoy sitting down and editing shots to see what else I can do with them, something not quite the norm. The bright sunshine and dramatic clouds at Lochgelly lent themselves to HDR shots, the rest are just photoshop edits and while these aren't the greatest, they are something a bit different.


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Added: 15 Aug 2012 Category: Anything Else
C.D.T.E.C Rosemount 2012
The County Down Traction Engine Club held their annual run and show at Rosemount in Greyabbey in on the weekend of the 11th and 12th of August. Somehow it managed to be staged on what was perhaps the best Friday and Saturday of the year weatherwise, which certainly added to the enjoyment of it.
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Added: 05 Aug 2012 Category: Anything Else
Ballywalter Tractor Run 4/8/12
The Ballywalter Presbyterian Church vintage run took place on Saturday 4th August 2012. This was the first run that I had done, probably four or five years ago now and it is one I always enjoy. Thankfully it stayed dry. Here are some photos from this years run.
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Added: 16 Jul 2012 Category: Anything Else
Peninsula Vintage Club Annual Road Run 2012
It has been a while since I posted anything in my “anything else” section and it has been a while since I was on a vintage tractor run, so to bring both those runs to an end here are some photos from Peninsula Vintage Club 2012 annual road run, which took place on Friday 13th of July.
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Added: 25 Mar 2012 Category: Anything Else
Ultimate Car Show - 25/3/12
I think this is now the third or fourth year I've gone to this event, it has become something of a warm up for the season, only a few pound in which goes to charity and Bevan Motorsport are always there with something, so there is always oval racing machinery on display.
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Added: 19 Jan 2012 Category: Anything Else
Autosport Show 2012
It has been a few years since I have made it to the NEC show and I didn't make it this year either, however Clive Marchant of Gridart has kindly sent me some photos that I can use on the website. Thanks Clive.
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Added: 15 Jan 2012 Category: Anything Else
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