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Added: 06 Feb 2018 Category: Anything Else
Reach Motor Festival
On Saturday 3rd of February the Reach Motor Festival took place at the old B&Q in Craigavon
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Added: 10 Apr 2016 Category: Anything Else
Circuit of Ireland SS10 & SS14
With Autograss racing cancelled due to the weather I got a chance to take in a few stages of the Circuit of Ireland. It’s a lot of years since I’ve taken in any of the Circuit and I had expected it would now have got to the stage that H&S would have made you stand that far back from the stages that you’d need the wind to blow in the right direction to even be able to hear them. Thankfully that proved to be a misconception and refreshingly I was able to take photos quite close to the action without needing to be dressed up in enough hi-viz that I could be mistaken for someone going to a 90’s rave.
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Added: 22 Mar 2016 Category: Anything Else
Bumper Stickers - Part 2
Part 2 of a look at some of the slogans I've noticed on cars down the years
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Added: 09 Feb 2016 Category: Anything Else
Bumper Stickers - Part 1
A look at some of the more humorous signage on oval racing cars over the years, just from the stuff I've captured.
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Added: 30 Mar 2014 Category: Anything Else
Ultimate Car Show 2014
The Ultimate Car show in Larne has become a regular trip for me in recent years as you always seem to get a few oval racers at it and it's always well support by Bevan Motorsport. This year was no exception with the Bevan cars on display as well as Shane Murray's 2 Litre, Bobbie Johnston's new 2 Litre Tigra and Marc Morrell's stock rod, as well as plenty of show cars.
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Added: 24 Mar 2014 Category: Anything Else
Rally at Aghadowey 23/3/2014
It’s been a while in coming, but I finally made it to my first event of 2014, it’s quite odd to think it’s been nearly 3 months since the last event I went to, but they’ll start coming thick and fast now.
I believe the rally was part of the Alltrak Rallysprint series, which I don't know an awful lot about and that was refreshing in itself to just arrive at an event, watch some cars going past and then leave when you decide you’ve seen enough.

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Added: 14 Mar 2014 Category: Anything Else
Football Time Again!
I’m not sure if it’s just I’m noticing it more or if our wee sport has become more charitable in recent years? Between calendar sales, women's races, Quiz nights, various other activities it seems there is more and more being done to raise money for charity through the sport and through the people involved in the sport.
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Added: 11 Aug 2013 Category: Anything Else
C.D.T.E.C - Rosemount 2013
One of the biggest working days and vintage rallies in the country takes place at Rosemount each year, here are a few photos from this year's event.
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Added: 21 Jul 2013 Category: Anything Else
Peninsula Vintage Club Annual Road Run 2013
An event which has been a regular part of my diary for the past few years, the way the stockcar dates fall this year it's also the last run I get to go on for a few weeks, the Peninsula Vintage club annual road run took place on the 13th of July.
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Added: 30 Jun 2013 Category: Anything Else
Portavogie Fishermans Choir Vintage Rally
Sandwiched between 2 stockcar meetings for me, I managed to sneak in a tractor run as well. The run itself took in some interesting lanes and in a few places I thought the puddles were that deep I might end up getting my feet wet, but I enjoyed it all the same. Here are a few photos
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