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Added: 17 Aug 2013 Category: 2013 Oval Racing
2013 - #36 – Ballymena Raceway – 16/8/13
Admittedly it’s not often I’m stuck for something to say about a meeting, I’m normally full of praise, full of criticism or some would say full of sh…. but you get the idea, on this occasion I’m somewhat stumped.
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Added: 11 Aug 2013 Category: 2013 Oval Racing
2013 - #35 – Tullyroan Oval – 10/8/13
With the National Hot Rod World and National Championships over for another year, qualifying began all over again as they topped the bill at Tullyroan on Saturday night.
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Added: 06 Aug 2013 Category: 2013 Oval Racing
2013 - #34 - Mendips Raceway - 4/8/13
Thursday - Sunny and warm, Friday - Sunny and warm, Saturday - Sunny and warm ….. Sunday - Wet, cold, horrible, miserable, not quite the vision I had of lying on the bank in the baking heat of a hot mid summer’s afternoon at Bristol when i booked the trip. Due to photography commitments at Tullyroan and the reduced number of F2 meetings at Ballymena, I haven’t seen much of the F2’s this season, but every now and again I remember I’m still a F2 fan at heart and head off in the pursuit of F2 racing.
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Added: 30 Jul 2013 Category: 2013 Oval Racing
2013 - #33 - Tullyroan Oval - 28/7/13
The second day of the Speedweekend and it was always going to take something to upstage the ProStocks Irish Open on Saturday night, and the same class nearly pulled it off again.
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Added: 30 Jul 2013 Category: 2013 Oval Racing
2013 - #32 - Tullyroan Oval - 27/7/13
After weeks of working on posters, artworks and the programme the Summer Speedweekend had finally arrived. One of the biggest and most anticipated weekends of racing in the local oval racing calendar. Cut grass, fresh paint, and the tyres out of the road on the infield are amongst the things that make the Speedweekend special for me, if you can’t get good shots with that combination, you shouldn’t have a camera!
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Added: 21 Jul 2013 Category: 2013 Oval Racing
2013 - #31 - Tullyroan Oval - 20/7/13
This was one of those damned if you do and damned if you don’t meetings, I personally could have done without it because it creates another day of work on the back of it and I could do with that time to clear up the programme for the speedweekend, on the other hand it’s a long run from the end of June to the end of July to not have any racing on.
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Added: 11 Jul 2013 Category: 2013 Oval Racing
2013 - #29 & #30 – Ipswich Spedeweekend 2013
Back in 2010 I made my first trip to the Ipswich Spedeweekend, coming from an F2 background it had taken up most of my summer travelling arrangement up to near that point. Back in 2010 NIF2 had pretty much ceased to exist and was little more than an out of date holding page, but it was my trip to the Spedeweekend and indeed my front row seats on the infield to photo and watch it that inspired my revival of the site and making it into the blog it is now, and the facebook presence followed. We went with great hope in 2010 with 3 World Championships to be decided, The Nationals, The Lightning Rods and the 2 Litres, and it sort of passed without our cars really troubling the podium too much. I should have gone back in 2011 but then something came up close to the time and I changed my mind. In 2012 I sat with my phone in hand reloading the live updates on the Spedeworth site before flicking back to the National Hot Rod facebook page, then twitter, then back to the Spedeworth site to start the cycle again as the race unfolded in digital on front of me and Glenn Bell took the gold, and at that time decided I wasn’t missing it in 2013!
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Added: 30 Jun 2013 Category: 2013 Oval Racing
2013 - #28 – Tullyroan Oval – 29/6/13
The final meeting in what has been a very busy June and the last one before the summer break.
ProStocks were a late addition to the programme, thankfully replacing Open Hot Rods, which are a bit hit and miss, but are never 30+ cars and therefore never as exciting as ProStocks.

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Added: 30 Jun 2013 Category: 2013 Oval Racing
2013 - #27 – Ballymena Raceway - 28/6/13
Another weekend and another two stockcar meetings in it, this weekend it was Ballymena on the Friday night for me with the F2’s the main draw for me.
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Added: 27 Jun 2013 Category: 2013 Oval Racing
NIF2 Photos in the Press
Earlier in the week, I was flicking through facebook and seen the new profile photo for Wheelspin magazine, some of you may have seen it, it has Keith Martin on it. The profile pic is the cover shot of the July issue of the magazine, to some people reading this it'll be special because it has an NI car on it, but to me this one is extra special, because it's my photo. Nearly 12 years on from I first sent off my first contribution to unloaded 7.3, and finally I've managed a cover shot of one of Oval Racing's top magazines.
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