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Added: 02 Apr 2013 Category: 2013 Oval Racing
2013 - #6 – Ballymena Raceway – 30/3/13
The second meeting in as many days at Ballymena Raceway and day 2 of the big Stock Rod weekend. I don’t think I’ll be alone in thinking a thirteen car turnout in the Stock Rods was quite poor for their Irish Open, it’s not that long since we would have had 13 visitors plus our own for such a championship. I guess the price of boats and the downfall of Tipperary has put drivers off coming.
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Added: 02 Apr 2013 Category: 2013 Oval Racing
2013 - #5 – Ballymena Raceway – 29/3/13
The first meeting of the 2013 season proper and the traditional Good Friday start to the season for the Stock Rod Yokohama tyres championship.
On a rare occasion I made it for the start of a Friday night meeting, I would normally have been playing indoor football with work colleagues, but I’m still nursing a sore leg from the Oval Racing charity football match last week.

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Added: 26 Mar 2013 Category: 2013 Oval Racing
10 Things I'm Looking Forward to in 2013
By my own admission it would be a long winded and probably quite negative piece that would make me more enemies than friends if I was to sit down and write a preview of the upcoming season and splits in classes, clashing meetings, etc and while that would probably make for much more interesting reading, it’s probably best I stick with trying to show the sport in a positive light and continue being allowed into the venues.
So here it is, the 10 things I’m most looking forward to in 2013.

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Added: 18 Mar 2013 Category: 2013 Oval Racing
2013 - #4 - Tullyroan Oval - 17/3/13
Day 2 of the Tony Gilmore memorial meeting and FORDS care weekend. Firstly, I’m not a fan of these disjointed Speedweekends, I like Speedweekends to flow, qualifying for something on the 1st night, big finals on the Sunday, followed by an anti climax and general mopping about. I’m not a fan of completely different classes the next day. I think it gives people an either/ or choice rather than them wanting to go both days to see the whole thing.
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Added: 18 Mar 2013 Category: 2013 Oval Racing
2013 - #3 - Tullyroan Oval - 16/3/13
The first of two days of racing at Tullyroan Oval for the Tony Gilmore memorial meeting in aid of FORDS care.

To be perfectly honest, if it wasn’t for me being the track photographer, I wouldn’t have been there on the Saturday night, simply because all day long I’d encountered rain, heavy rain, snow, sleet and when I was leaving the house I was fairly confident I was heading for a wet and miserable evening, much like practice day the previous week.

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Added: 10 Mar 2013 Category: 2013 Oval Racing
Tullyroan Oval Practice Day 1
It was my intention to go to Bishopscourt for the second round of the NI Rally championship and in turn I’d have missed the Tullyroan practice day, that was a “weather permitting” plan though and the weather turned out to be down right miserable, so Bishopscourt isn’t the most hospitable of places when it’s chucking it down. I decided therefore to head to Tullyroan in the hope that there might be some breaks in the rain and I’d get a few shots.
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Added: 25 Feb 2013 Category: 2013 Oval Racing
2013 - #2 - Tullyroan Oval - 24/2/13
For once, I don’t think there is much I can report on about the Irish team bangers, to say it was a fantastic Banger meeting pretty much sums it up.

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Added: 23 Jan 2013 Category: 2013 Oval Racing
McMillan Racing Night at the Races
Derek and Shane McMillan are holding a Night at the Races this Saturday night in the Fairhill Bar, Ahoghill to raise funds for their 2013 racing campaigns.

Former Junior Productions Irish Champion Derek will be embarking on his second season in the Stock Rods this year, and has signed up to race for Tullyroan Oval in association with Spedeworth Motorsports. Shane meanwhile will be trying to emulate his brother's feat by chasing the coveted Irish title in the Junior Productions in his Nova.

The first race comes under starters orders at 8pm, and there will also be a raffle and auction during the night too. Everyone is welcome for what is sure to be a fun filled evening.

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Added: 01 Jan 2013 Category: 2013 Oval Racing
2013 - #1 – Ballymena Raceway – 1/1/13
First of all Happy new year to all my readers and followers. As is traditional, the Ballymena Raceway festive meeting took place on New years day and included the National Hot Rods Winter Nationals, Stock Rods, Junior Rods and Gp 2 Lightning Rods.
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