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Added: 09 Apr 2012 Category: 2012 Oval Racing
2012 - #5 - TVR Lochgelly - 18/3/12
Meeting five of the season and a fifth venue for the year, I could get used to the change of scenery for each meeting, but I suspect it is going to run out soon.
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Added: 09 Apr 2012 Category: 2012 Oval Racing
2012 - #4 - Racewall Cowdenbeath - 17/3/12
My return after several years away to a track that used to be my second home. With the price of travelling these days, and the car turnouts, I can't imagine I'd want to be travelling over 5 or 6 times a season these days, or perhaps our racing has just risen closer to their level?
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Added: 08 Mar 2012 Category: 2012 Oval Racing
Football time again!
It's football time again, and after Messi's masterclass in the Champions League on Wednesday night what better way to come back to earth than to come out and support the NI Oval Racing Select team, playing a charity match this Saturday nigth against Crewe United Legends with the proceeds going to the children's hospice.
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Added: 29 Feb 2012 Category: 2012 Oval Racing
Introducing - NIOval TV
After much deliberation for a few seasons and a bit of playing about with videos to promote events last season, I’m pleased to announce the arrival of NIOval TV.
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Added: 21 Feb 2012 Category: 2012 Oval Racing
2012 - #3 - Nuttscorner Oval - 19/2/12
The team Bangers event at Nuttscorner has been one of the better supported banger meetings in recent years and this year was no different. I don’t think it’s any breaking news if I was to say the banger numbers fell away with every meeting last season and had become quite poor by the end of the year, so it was great to see a big turnout of cars for the team meeting, and plenty of action.
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Added: 29 Jan 2012 Category: 2012 Oval Racing
2012 - #2 - Aghadowey Stockcar Stadium - 28/1/12
After not managing to make it to Aghadowey throughout 2010 and not until November in 2011, it’s only January and I’ve already managed to make it there in 2012.
It’s expect it is exciting times at Aghadowey, the new deal with Nuttscorner/ Tullyroan Oval and Ballymena Raceway that will see ORCi classes back at the North West venue in 2012 should bring race fans from across the country back to the venue, while spreading the catchment area for these classes as well.

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Added: 03 Jan 2012 Category: 2012 Oval Racing
2012 - #1 - Ballymena Raceway 2/1/12
First of all Happy New Year to all my visitors, followers and people who perhaps don’t like me, but come here to fault find.
With New Years day on a Sunday, the traditional Ballymena new years meeting was on the official public holiday, Monday 2nd of January and that was the meeting I’d start my 2012 Stockcar Journey from.

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